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it's my hand that i swing back and forth
hope i don't hit you, don't say i didn't tell you
it's my throat, a lump that can't be swallowed
when will it dry out (and be)
no longer a nuisance but a part of me?
it's nice to have a quiet moment
it's nice to smile when the door's about the close
in front of the mirror, i can't change much so i
surround myself with higher people
it's my game, how can i lose a round
buried in the backyard
it's my game, how can i lose a round
fuck, turn off the lights again
cos i've lost it, lost it, lost it, lost this game
why open a wound that's almost been healed?
choose to smile as you walk off the stage and ya go..


from S​/​T, released May 19, 2015


tags: pop punk punk emo


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Winter Break

Band from Southern California.

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